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Code we used in exploring technologies. Afterwards, these are unit tests and code snippets that demonstrate the use of this technology.

Maven 2 POMs

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Project Dependencies

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ppwcode POMs

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ppwcode Maven 2 repository

Part of our Java Vernacular is to use Maven 2 for all Java projects. With Maven 2, deliverable artifacts are distributed via a Maven 2 repository. For ppwcode, that repository is here. If you want to download artifacts by hand, this is only the only place where you can do that.

During development, ppwcode developers use snapshots. Those are communicated using a separate snapshot repository, you can find here.

The Purgatory

The Java projects in ppwcode are cross-project libraries we developed internally at PeopleWare for some years. Putting them on Google Code in a clean way takes time. In svn, the _purgatory directory contains code that is not yet reactivated. Here, there are still projects concerning web-applications in general (servlet), JSP, Struts and JSF.

These projects will only be reactivated when we have new client-projects where the code is needed. Unless you would like to do this for us ...

For project descriptions, we refer to the old site, at PeopleWare.