Java Utility Libraries

Apart from the libraries that express parts of our Java Vernacular, ppwcode also features a number of libraries that gather utility code in selected areas. With this code, we do not wish to express a particular design choice or idiom, but simply wish to gather code that makes the lives of programmers more easy.

Code you expect to exist

In essence, this is code we expected in the standard Java API in the first place, or at least in much used libraries such as Apache Commons. We use that code too, in our projects, when it is appropriate. These libraries do not have the intention to supersede other established utility libraries, but rather to fill the gaps, or build on them. This utility code might be of interest to you, even if you are not interested in our vernaculars.

One significant difference with existing utility libraries is that they are all built using our Java exception vernacular. Since most of utility code, by nature, does not deal with aspects relevant to the end-user, most cases that prevent a nominal end of methods will throw errors, signaling a programming error or an external error, and not exceptions.

Java Utility Projects

The Java Utility Projects are explained in full detail in the Maven 2 generated project sites. Each version of a project has its own site.

The intention is to reactivate or create projects concerning collections, and small fries soon.