Java Vernacular

The Java Vernacular is an extension of the general ppwcode vernacular. It is mainly expressed in a number of Java code projects. For these, the best entry point are the Maven 2 project sites. Some none code-issues are described in text. These are maintained in the Google Code project wiki.

We try to capture as much of our vernacular in source code as a library or framework as possible. Some aspects of Java projects however fall outside the things we can express in code, but still represent costly experience.

Again, with almost each project, and certainly when new or alien people are added to a development team, there is discussion about such issues, there are choices to be made. Because starting a new project or adding new team mates are relatively infrequent events, almost the entire cost of these choices is repeated over and over: we forgot why we did things the way we did them the last time, things have evolved, it might be time to re-evaluate earlier decisions, new people bring new prior experiences, and so on ...

For such aspects, as well as for coding aspects, it makes sense to document the choices we made, or explicitly did not make. First of all, such a documentation, over time, becomes more and more exhaustive, and it simply is cheaper to refer to written documentation than to open discussions again each time. On the other hand, this does not mean that all choices we made previously are written in stone, or are necessarily the correct choices, not when we made them, and certainly not for eternity. But still then it is important to document the rationale which led us to certain decisions. That way, people who want to propose changes to the vernacular than quickly check whether or not the rationales still apply.

And frankly, if the rationales still apply, and the vernacular has proven "good enough" in prior experiences, that is an excellent argument not to change ... jumping from choice to choice for the heck of it is something for younger people.

Java Vernacular Code Projects

The Java Vernacular Code Projects are explained in full detail in the Maven 2 generated project sites. Each version of a project has its own site.

The intention is to reactivate or create projects concerning web 2.0 front ends, webapplications in general, and EJB back-ends soon.